Hey future Pixel-n-Print family
It's Nandini & Jay. This is US!

Professional Photographers based in Edmonton

Born and raised in different countries and cultures, we are opposites of 2 people. Between Nandini & Jay, we speak six languages. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Tagalog and English are some of them. In addition, as professional photographers based in Edmonton, every photograph we capture has passion & lots of love from us.

Nandini Ramu ( She / Her)

I think life is an adventure. You cross paths with different people along the way, some good and some bad. In the end, there is always something personal to take away. As an extrovert, I love meeting new people. One day, the adventurous soul in me wanted to quit my job for solo travelling across Italy. To document my travels, I bought myself a camera (my first). Walking through the streets of Italy, I took photos of all the people I met in the hostels. It made me realize my love for photography. They say solo travelling changes you. It made me follow my passion. Apart from travelling, I love good food and adventure sports like Skydiving, water rafting and spending time with my diva dog, Chica.

Professional Photographers from Edmonton

Jay Salvador ( He/ Him)

One of the best things in my life happened when my sister gifted me a camera when I turned 25. From that moment, I started learning how to take photographs and use my camera well. My passion for minimalism has helped me win some awards. Professional stories apart, I am a shy introvert who likes to spend time with myself. I enjoy music, playing basketball, watching movies, and walking around the city with my camera. I love food and trying new cuisines. My photography drives me every day. You will always find me with one wherever I go.

Together, We make every moment special !

We want to be the Wedding Photographers who CARE,
Who will make sure you are PRESENT, living the moment on your WEDDING DAY
Most importantly, we want to take you back to your wedding day through our PHOTOS.

Professional Photographers based in Edmonton

Did you Know!​

  • Between Nandini & Jay, we would like to speak ten languages by 2030. We are currently at 6, which includes Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Tagalog & English.
  • Learn and capture Weddings in every culture in the world. We don’t say this Lightly. Did you know as Wedding Photographers, we research every culture before the wedding day? We want to know the rituals and what it means to the couple & their families.
  • Travelling the world is also something we love to do. If you can pay for flights and accommodation, we will capture your wedding day in any corner of this world for free.
  • Make Jay conquer his fear of heights by taking him skydiving by 2025.

Sounds like your Dream Wedding Photographer?