5 things to know before you go for your Engagement Photo Session

You have complementary Engagement Photo Session or Pre-Wedding Session as part of your Wedding Photography Package? Not sure what to wear or how to prepare for it?

Most of the times, couples mention that it is their first time with a professional photographer, that they are not photogenic or they are awkward in front of the camera. This makes them nervous and self conscious. We hope this guide helps to ease out some of your stress, anxiety and in turn help you enjoy your Engagement Session.

Why should you take Engagement photo Session?

If you are reading this post, chances are most likely that you have decided to take Engagement photos. There are lot of reasons why you should take Engagement photos – the most important being getting to know your photographer and how they work. What do you mean? I spoke to my photographer multiple times over the phone, met them in person and felt that we have a connection and I think I know them. Yes that’s true but talking to a photographer is different from being in front of their camera. Engagement photos not only give you an opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer, it also gives us an opportunity to gauge you as a couple, see how you connect & what makes you both comfortable in front of the camera.


Couple Engagement Photo session

Will you be posing for us for Engagement Photos?

We often ask couples to do some actions, poses etc. but that isn’t always what we are looking for. We are actually looking for the in-between moments that happen naturally. For couples who don’t like to pose, we use prompts to make them comfortable. This helps us to capture the interactions, emotions and all the magical things that happen in between. Camera awkward or camera shy? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We use questionnaires and our initial conversations to know more about your both to see what works and what will not. We use that information to make sure you are comfortable with each other. If we are not your photographers, ask them. They are usually happy that you asked them and will be excited to answer all your questions like we do.


Bride & Groom Pre-wedding photo session

Wear something you are comfortable in & bring few different outfits

Most of us, including myself are not comfortable in front of camera. Lets not add to this wearing clothes that are too tight or something you are not comfortable in. We want you to enjoy the moment instead of focusing on covering your self or fixing your clothes. If you are purchasing new outfits, wear them for trial run for a date night or just because you want to get comfortable in them before the session. With us living in Edmonton, do dress for the weather. We don’t want you being cold to show up in the photos. Check our blog post how to dress in winter for a photo session for some tips. These photos represent you, dress so you can feel like yourselves. We always give an option for our couples to have at least 2 outfits for their session. This gives them a choice and also an opportunity to add different look to the photos. Steam or iron your clothes as we don’t want wrinkly clothes in the photos.


Engagement session in Edmonton

Whether you choose formal or casual outfits, solid colors are a must. Try to avoid patterns, big florals, complete black or complete white clothing. Some couples like to coordinate their colors and its totally fine as long as you don’t go overboard with it. If you don’t know what color to choose, pick a neutral color tones you both like. Also make sure you choose a contrast color from your background. For Example, don’t wear white for a winter outdoor photo session.

Hair & Make-up

You can get hair & make-up done to make your engagement photos extra special. Most of the times, we suggest our brides to schedule the hair & Make-up trials on the same day as your engagement photo session. Saying this hair & Make-up is not a mandatory. Some Brides prefer to have go natural or light makeup to give it a different look from the wedding photos. Its totally fine as well.

Engagement Session in Banff, Albera

Be yourself

When you are preparing for the photo session, let the photographer know what you are comfortable with and what you are not. We understand that not everyone is comfortable showing the affection publicly and its totally okay. These photos are for who you are as a couple and what you love. In the end we want you to live the moment, forget the cameras and have some fun.


Casual Engagement photos

When to schedule our engagement photos session?

The best time to get the photos done is as soon as you hire the photographer. You can use these photos for save-the-dates, wedding websites , wedding invitations, Guest book etc. If you get engaged in Winter and you want to have a summer engagement session, its totally ok. Just make sure you plan the timelines accordingly as the photographer needs time to edit the photos.

To conclude we want you to understand that getting engagement photos are not just poses, actions or taking photos. It is to capture love, untold words, emotions and everything in between to celebrate you and your love for each other. In the end we want your to look back at these photos few years from now and cherish all the memories.





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