Engagement session at Gold Bar park in Edmonton

What are Engagement Photo Sessions?

Engagement sessions are also called Pre-wedding Photo sessions. Most of the Wedding photo packages include complementary Engagement sessions. It is as an opportunity for couples to get to know their photographer and at the same time, the photographer also will get to know you. We recommend all our couples to get the package with Engagement sessions. Let’s now talk about the Engagement session at Gold Bar Park.

Engagement Photo Session in Edmonton

Krieven and Monique want to have an Engagement Session at Gold Bar Park in Edmonton to announce their save the dates for their Wedding. The theme they chose is Nature as they both love nature. Living in Edmonton, the Mountains or Canadian Rockies are not nearby for a week day engagement session. But luckily we have our vast River Valley trails. You don’t need to drive 3-4 hours to experience being in the forest. There are some parts of the trails are quiet and you can actually have the whole area for yourself depending on the time of the day.

Gold Bar Park in Edmonton is one of those places where you can not just have a nice BBQ in summers, but you can also enjoy the walking trails. If you are into fishing, we have seen people fish here as well. There is a Boat launch here which creates a small beach when the water levels are low. The north Saskatchewan river makes this peaceful and it is one of the best places to be on a hot summer day. There are lot of shaded areas for you to cool down as well. It is also a place where you can just sit and enjoy the Fresh air and take things slow. Last but not the least, the sunsets here are so beautiful. It is one of our favorites as not many people are around for summer sunsets.


With Pandemic restrictions and lot of cancelations, Monique had to prepare for her Engagement session. Few days before the session, all the Make-up artists were restricted and not allowed to work. Monique had to get creative with her hair & make-up. Luckily a friend offered to help her with Hair and Make-up so we can have this photo session. For being an amateur, her friend sure did a great job.


Scroll below to see the fun we had during their engagement session at Gold Bar Park in Edmonton

Forest Engagement Session at Gold Bar Park, Edmonton

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