5 tips on How to find a Professional wedding photographer

5 tips on how to find a Professional wedding photographer.

The stakes of finding the right wedding photographer are very high. Firstly, your wedding photos will help you re-live the day again. Secondly, unlike other wedding vendors, you will not see your wedding photos on your wedding day. So you will need to find a wedding photographer who is a pro and this person is also someone you can trust. Here are a few tips on how to find a professional wedding photographer.

How do you start your search to find a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Before you search for a photographer, have a date set for your wedding and know how many hours of coverage you want. The coverage time will depend on the wedding day timeline you are choosing. Check out our article on how to create wedding day timelines to find the hours of coverage you will need here.
Once you have the date and the number of hours of coverage you need, ask friends and family for photographer recommendations. If they don’t have any, how do you find a Professional wedding photographer? Just like everything else, google for Wedding Photographers. This one will be the hard part. There are so many photographers in your area. How to find the right one?

1. Type of Photography

Every professional wedding photographer has a style. Examples include Candid & documentary, editorial, dark & moody, Fine- art, Light & airy etc. It is normal to be unfamiliar with what these styles are. Look at the photography styles of few photographers and filter the ones you don’t like. Now, look through the photographers with similar styles and shortlist the top 5. 

5 tips on How to find a Professional wedding photographer

2. Schedule a Video call or meet in person

It is one of the most crucial steps in choosing your wedding photographers or any wedding vendor. We all have busy lifestyles. So it is understandable that we can’t meet all the vendors in person. The other best alternative is scheduling a video call. It will allow you to feel the Photographer, see if you connect with them and if they are the right fit for you both.

3. What do Professional Wedding Photography Packages include?

Most Wedding Photography packages include photographer(s), Hours of coverage, Edited Photos, Complementary Engagement or Save the date sessionWedding Albums, Wall prints etc. Not all photographers offer the same type of package. So contact your top favourites to get detailed information on what they offer.

Professional Photographers in Edmonton

4. See their full range of Work

You researched the style of photography you like, had a consultation call with the wedding photographers and got information about their packages, but you still don’t have all the details to book them. The reason is that the photos you see on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are their best work. Ask the photographers for a full wedding gallery. That is where you will see their complete work.

Professional wedding photographer

5. Budget and pricing

When you look at the Photographer’s portfolio, check their starting price. Most of the time, the website will have the starting price. If not, ask the photographers for the pricing. After your consultation calls, you will know the average price range for a good-quality photography style you like and what is in their packages. Not all photographers have similar pricing. If you can afford the price, narrow down your choice. If not, look at what you can afford and search for photographers based on that.

6. Bonus: Miscellaneous items to ask before booking a professional wedding photographer

Here are a few more questions you should ask the photographer before booking.

    • How many years of experience do they have in the wedding industry?
    • Turnaround time for the photos
    • Are they licensed for the location where the wedding will take place?
    • If they have insurance
    • Cancellation policy
    • How flexible are they with last-minute changes?
    • Last but most important question, why do they become wedding photographers?
Best Wedding photographers in Edmonton

Once you have all the above information, it’s time to read and sign the contract. Read it a few times to confirm you don’t miss any details. Lastly, make sure there are no hidden costs.

Congratulations, you have a professional wedding photographer once you sign the contract.


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