5 things couples should do to prepare for their wedding day photos

Have you been planning this wedding for 12-14 months? You have your favorite vendors booked including your Wedding photographer to capture the wedding day photos. You have everything packed and ready for the wedding day. On wedding day you are going to be busy with your make-up, preparations and of course getting married. You don’t have time to answer all questions people are asking or go look for things. You need to read this to not just be prepared for your vendors, especially your photographer but also to be present and enjoy your wedding day.

What are wedding day preparation photos and why do you need to include it as part of your wedding Day photo package?

Preparation photos or Prep photos are the ones taken on the wedding day right after make up is done. Getting married is one of the most important decisions you make and its life changing. There are lot of emotions on this day. Prep Photos/ Video is not just to capture the details that you are wearing on a wedding day. It is to capture when your parents first see you in your wedding dress, the bridal party fun, the happy tears, the emotions, the love and the chaos that goes in just before the wedding.


Bridesmaids helping the bride


We want to capture these moments as truly as we can, so looking at the photos will take you to that moment. The Night before the wedding day is always a busy night with all the friends and family visiting and with everything going on cleaning the room is least of the priority. It is when the photographer arrives that reality strikes and everyone scrambles to clean the room so a messy room doesn’t end up in the photos. If you are on a tight timeline, you will end up losing time here because of the cleaning.


Here is the 5 things we suggest to all our couples, and we thought lets share it with everyone


1. When choosing the room, look for the one that is spacious and well lit. Especially for the Brides.

When choosing a room, be it a hotel, Airbnb or at the venue, make sure the room has enough space to walk around. Especially when the make up is done in the same room, you will need to have space for everyone to walk around. If you are getting ready in a hotel room, make sure you have a request in for a bigger room. If the photographer is like us, we will never say no to natural light. We love the window light. So big windows are an added bonus.


Punjabi groom prep photos


2. Assign the tasks to bridesmaids/Groomsmen.

Create a list of things to do on wedding day and assign the tasks to bridesmaids/groomsmen. While assigning tasks, make sure room clean up before the photographer arrives is top of the list on the day off. This will not only ensure that the room is clean but also will let you be stress free and organized. We want you to enjoy every second of your wedding day.


Bridesmaids helping the bride photos

3. Have everything that you want to be included in detail shot, packed and separated from rest of the luggage

If you have gifts or jewelry that you want to be part of wedding day detail shot, make sure its packed separately. You don’t want to go searching on your wedding day while you are getting ready. This includes the Jewelries, footwear and other accessories that you will be wearing. Don’t forget to remove the price tags on everything as you pack.


Wedding rings as part of detail shot on wedding day

4. Wait for the photographer to arrive before you change into wedding dress

Depending on the location, the photographer might want to get the photo of the full dress before you wear it. Plan to have your make up half way when the photographer arrives. This will give them enough time to take the details shots and once your make up is done, they get to focus on you. The bridal party and immediate family can also be included in these photos.


Chinese Bride on wedding day, preparation photos

5. Time is everything

Most of the time, between the getting ready and everything happening, the photographer ends up getting the least amount of time. Don’t shy away from assigning responsibilities. Friends and family are there to support you. Make sure the wedding party are dressed up before you. We suggest the bride and the groom to leave 30-45 minutes each excluding travel time for preparation photos. During this time, we also get few pictures of wedding party along with bride & groom’s immediate family.


Traditional Hindu bride


Always ask your photographer on timelines on what they need as each photographer is different. Even if you hire a wedding planner, make sure you talk to your photographer. Planning a wedding is one thing, but we all know there will always be hiccups on the way. No matter how the plan goes, enjoy the big and small things on your wedding day and soak into the actual moments. In the end, the moments filled with love and the memories made is what will last forever.


First dance on a Chinese wedding day



Did we miss mentioning something here.. Let us know in comments.



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