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For couples who want Natural, Emotional & candid Photographs!

Looking for Wedding Photographers from Edmonton who will take the time to understand and know your TRADITIONS?

Want your Wedding Photos to capture your unique love and personality in a most NATURAL way?

Don’t like to Pose? AWKWARD in front of the Camera?

Don’t worry! WE GOT YOU.

In other words, be it Canadian, Indian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Pakistani, Punjabi, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Filipino, South Indian, Hindu, Muslim or Christian weddings, we have witnessed it all.

The Wedding Photographers who want to keep it real!

Wedding Photographer Edmonton

At Pixel-n-Print photography, we photograph weddings regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Similarly, we want to photograph a wedding in every culture present in this world. Above all, we don’t want to give you “pretty pictures” Trust us! Your photos will be beautiful. Most importantly, when you look at your wedding photos, we want to take you to that moment on your wedding day. In short, there is a story behind every detail. Therefore as Wedding Photographers from Edmonton, we want to tell that story (Your Story!).


Hey!! This is Nandini & Jay.

Born and raised in different countries and cultures, we are opposites of 2 people. Between Nandini & Jay, we speak six languages. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Tagalog and English are some of them. In addition, every photograph we capture has passion & lots of love from us. Meanwhile, want to know who we are and how we became the Wedding Photographers from Edmonton?

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Experience & Pricing

Every Photographer can take pictures but what makes us different from others?

Wedding photography is more than just taking photos on your wedding day. Firstly with experience, we are no longer experimenting with our cameras. Secondly, we can anticipate the moments that lead us to capture beautiful wedding photos. Lastly, it is all about connection. As Wedding Photographers, we will be your shadow on your big day. Therefore, how we vibe with each other is very important. It will reflect in the photos. So it is not about the number of weddings we book in a year, the money we make from weddings or social media. Instead, it is all about you two, your family, your experience with us and beautiful photos. We know that finding the right Wedding Photographer is not easy. Therefore we have developed a different approach to PHOTOGRAPHY.

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Wedding Videography

Looking for someone to contact for both Photo & Video needs?

We partner with Videographers to have a combined Photo & Video package. It will ensure that there will be a Photo & Video team that will work well together. Similarly, it will also reduce the stress of contacting multiple vendors separately. Most importantly, this will reduce the stress of confirming that they will work together on the Wedding day to deliver quality photos & videos.
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